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A world-class creative production agency focusing on aiding content creators & corporate clients with production needs. Specializing in videography, editing, designing, content managing, search engine optimization & KPI analytics.

What We Do


Playback strives to provide it’s clients with industry leading editing work on the time-table you need. Tell us to jump, we say how high.


Our team of designers have been the faces behind your favorite influencers branding & thumbnails for years. Allow us to bring your vision to life.

Content Management

Too busy with other platforms to focus your all into your YouTube channel? We have the knowledge to run your channel while you’re away.


Our brand specialists will help you every step of the way with bringing your ideas to the forefront. We throw the lay-up, you see the slam dunk.

What our clients say

Loved working with the guys over at Playback. Extremely good at their craft and their ability to meet deadlines is second to none. Worked alongside some of the brightest talent on playback with SoaR campaigns and had immense success due to the quality.

SoaR CrudeOwner & EVP, SoaR Gaming

Playback is the hub for creators to get connected with the perfect editor for their content needs. They're run by a passionate group of talented management who've been in the industry for almost a decade. They met all of my needs, and they'll meet yours too.

Elliott SmithContent Creator, theScore esports

After working with Playback for over a year, I can honestly say I've never met a more dedicated group of individuals who are passionate about not only creating the best possible product, but being extremely flexible with deadlines & communication. Playback is easy to work with, have great communication and coordination, and will be one of the best investments you ever make. (YouTube - Top5Gaming)

NoveraHDCEO, Visions Digital

The team over at Playback literally revived my YouTube channel. After a year of not uploading, I'm back to uploading almost daily on YouTube and I never thought I'd be seeing these numbers ever again.

Clayton "Nudah" HuddlestonContent Creator

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